Friday, January 8, 2010

Run on the streets

I tried to run in the Rose Garden, a park near my house, because I like to run on the cinder track so my joints don't take a pounding but the snow is still too deep. Also some of the frozen footprints are still present and they make your foot twist, a few years ago I got prima formis syndrom which is a pain in the hip from running on uneven ground (frozen footprints at the Rose Garden). So I am running in the streets until I have a clear path in the parks. I ran for 30 minutes using the 3 minute run 2 minute walk routine which is working well for me. When I run the same distance under similar conditions the run/walk interval produces similar times for me and I do not feel as tired after the run. I am still nursing my right heel pain-plantar faciitis-which does not seem to get much worse. I also went for a one mile walk yesterday at work.

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