Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nagging heel pain

I am still having a little heel pain in my right foot from (self diagnosed) plantar fasciitis. It does not hurt when I run but does in the morning when I first get out of bed and I am more aware of it the day after running. Today when I got out of bed I taped the bottom of my foot with 1" wide adhesive tape as suggested here ( It felt great all day, I came home and went running. I could not feel any difference with the tape on while running and/or stretching afterwards. I came home sat at the computer for half an hour, got up and no pain. I am cautiously optomistic that this may be the cure! I plan on taping my foot again tomorrow morning. Hoping for the best.

Running today was great until I turned around into the wind, the weather site said we were having 21 MPH winds at the time I was running. I shortened my walk interval to one minute after running three minutes. With this run/walk interval my overall time is very close to the same time as running with out the walk breaks. Next week my half marathon schedule calls for a four mile run, I am anxious to see if my pace stays the same as my distance increases.

On the no run days, I am up to 45 push-ups and 58 sit-ups, those last few push-ups in the last two sets are tough!

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  1. Good deal. Stick with what works. I was going to suggest that Kinesio tape all the olympians use. Don't really know much about it though.

    I have to catch up to you on the pushups!