Saturday, October 17, 2009

Using the bicycle for errands,commuting to work.

It has been stated that many (around 40%) of the errands we use the automobile for are less than two miles from our homes and that many of these short trips can be done using a bicycle. I have always used my bicycle for these trips and even commute twenty miles round trip to work. I needed a few small items from Home Depot the other day and used my mountain bike. The route I selected was through a beautiful park along a small river and while riding I was thinking how, by using the bicycle I was not destroying nature with harmful tailpipe emissions, I was getting some exercise and the trip only took me about twenty minutes longer for the six miles I travelled. Next time you need to run down to the local market or hardware store consider using your bicycle, don’t forget your helmet!

Monday, October 5, 2009

LL Bean Coolmax hat

I thought I would try one of these hats during my weekly runs instead of the usual cotton baseball hat with some company's advertisement on it. I was pleased with the performance; this hat kept me a little cooler and wicked the persperation away from my face. Running helps keep me in shape,and if one more little thing like this hat makes it more pleasent then it is money well spent!