Monday, January 16, 2017

Half Marathon Traning begins today.

So today I start training for the St. Luke's half marathon.  This will be my 8th running in a row for this half.  I am also helping train new runners for this event; each Saturday we will meet at our clubhouse and run the beginner's program sent to all runners registered for this race.  Personally, I start today by closely watching my calories and try to eat more protein.  I also try to be more vigilant about stretching and doing my physical therapy for my sciatica.  Yesterday, I ran the Ice Scraper 5k, our club's monthly winter race.  The conditions for the race were about 32ยบ and snow covered trails which made for a slow run.  I went for a 2.5 mile walk later in the day for a little more calorie burn as I am trying to lose some weight before the half.

Here is a picture of me running in warmer weather at one of our summer club races; no snow on the ground that day!