Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sneak preview for the half marathon tomorrow.

I took a little walk today at 06:00 and took this picture of the blooms on Ott St., we will be running here before heading east through the park at the beginning of the race. Note the yellow-green sign for pedestrian/bicycle crossing on the right hand side and the white cross walk; this is part of the bicycle and walking initiative in Allentown to make it safer for those activities-go Allentown!

Friday, April 22, 2011

One week to the half marathon! and a few days.

The last three weeks we have been tapering doing 11,10 then 8 miles last Sunday. Tomorrow we are going to run 6 miles as we continue to throttle down for the May 1st St. Luke's Lehigh Valley Marathon. Here is picture of me as I am about to cross the finish line last year. I feel pretty good but I am not going to try to run the entire course. I have been using the run/walk in my training along with the heart rate monitor and I am going to continue as this seams to be working well. As I go into the last week I am going to make sure I hydrate well every day, watch my diet and use the foam roller. Oh, and I must pick up a case of Yuengling Black and Tan for after the race!