Friday, November 26, 2010

Non running day workout

Walked 30 minutes this morning at 06:00. Now (11:30) 5 minute warm up on the power rider then 5 sets of 5 each push ups and sit ups, 25 arm curls, quadracept routine and 30 minutes stretch. Later today I am walking about 3 miles roundtrip to visit a friend.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Local hazard alert, nice run.

I just got back from a nice, easy neighborhood run. I left before sunrise because the weather forecast is calling for rain/sleet soon. So I walked down to Lake Muhlenberg and as I was coming up to the west end of the lake I saw that a new bridge was installed which is good because the old one was washed out from a flood and that meant I had to run a few hundred yards over rough ground to the next bridge. So I ran over the new bridge and something looked odd so I stopped at the end and it was just getting light enough to see a big drop off the south end which would not be a good landing for my foot. I then saw someone removed the orange netting the workers put across the bridge so it would not be used until the work is finished. So, to the gazillion local runners that read this blog-use caution on the bridge!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Polar heart rate monitor

Last Sunday I decided to establish my maximum heart rate so I began by walking down to Lake Muhlenberg and doing a ten minute warm up. As I continued around the lake for my warm up I decided to go off to the side and do a few push ups and sit ups on the lawn but I saw a new sign there that prohibited me from completing my warm up :(

I thought this was odd, but then I found out there was a high school marching band competition going on and the city did not want the bands to walk on the grass.

After warming up I went to the bottom of this hill next to the football stadium and ran to the top(which took about two minutes), walked down and repeated three times. I had a maximum heart rate of 166 beats per minute so now I can calculate the rates I want to train and race at.