Friday, November 5, 2010

Polar heart rate monitor

Last Sunday I decided to establish my maximum heart rate so I began by walking down to Lake Muhlenberg and doing a ten minute warm up. As I continued around the lake for my warm up I decided to go off to the side and do a few push ups and sit ups on the lawn but I saw a new sign there that prohibited me from completing my warm up :(

I thought this was odd, but then I found out there was a high school marching band competition going on and the city did not want the bands to walk on the grass.

After warming up I went to the bottom of this hill next to the football stadium and ran to the top(which took about two minutes), walked down and repeated three times. I had a maximum heart rate of 166 beats per minute so now I can calculate the rates I want to train and race at.

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  1. Excellent. You'll love fiddling with HR data and tweaking training. Well, I do!