Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cross train

It is 32 degrees with the wind chill (I can't figure out how to insert the degree sign :( ) but it isn't too cold so I went for a bicycle ride. My wife got me a pair of Manzella running gloves with the nylon over mitt for Christmas and these worked great to keep my hands warm. I am wearing these in the picture at the top of my blog. I still have an on and off again pain in my right heel so I am not running any more than the half marathon plan calls for. Today I might also do my non-running day exercises because I am attending a professional buyers diner meeting tomorrow after work which is when I normally would do that routine.

Here is a picture of my dog, Reba, after going for a walk in a recent snowstorm, she just turned 13 years old!


  1. Great dog, we miss our lab mix. I'll have to look into those gloves, I've been searching for the right solution.

    Re: your comment about Herbert's, it's a 7.1 mile run in the Parkway, frequently diverting from the main loop into sections of single track. It also features a stream crossing!

    You can read my experience here:

  2. She is so pretty! Love the labs :) They sure keep it intersting.