Saturday, February 6, 2010


Here is a picture taken about 07:30 today EST, the snow is still falling and the wind is swirling it around.
Last night we went out for cheese steaks at the Brass Rail-good. I waited a few hours and did my one hour exercise routine, push-ups 50, sit-ups 63. I then used the foam roller on my lower legs and Achilles tendon which seems to help my heel pain from the plantar fasciitis.
I am hoping to run today or tomorrow, looks like tomorrow will be better. With all this snow I will have to run on the streets so I am going to map out a new run on Map Quest.
Joseph came home for the weekend and brought a case of Yuengling bock beer, I love bock beer and this was the first time I had Yuengling bock; I was not dissapointed!
So, I fell of the nutrition wagon with the beer and cheese steak last night but since I only do this on occasion I don't feel too bad. On to the oatmeal for breakfast!

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