Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Preconscious mind

I attended a breakfast seminar at a local university recently and the topic was on mind study. Your preconscious mind and how it affects your performance was discussed, if your preconscious mind is full of "stuff" you are distracted and then your performance, physical and mental suffers. That night after work (and my run) I sat down and searched for the journal entry I made a year or so ago after a run that did not go very well. I remember I had planned to run after church on Sunday as I usually do, however, someone told me we were going out to breakfast after church so I needed to change plans to Saturday. Saturday was not good because at the time I was attending Tai Chi classes in the morning and I do not like to do Tai Chi after a long run, additionally the forecast was hot,humid weather with rain-not my best conditions. Anyway I was not in a good frame of mind but I soldiered on and Saturday morning found me running in the Parkway with a very full, distracting, preconscious mind. Everything was wrong, I was angry, out of breath, I had to stop and walk, etc. I wrote in my journal that it was not a good run because I was not in a good place mentally and since then I try to not get upset when I run (or anytime actually). So, at the seminar this topic was really hitting home, especially when the presenter put a slide of Tiger Woods on the screen and said how good this guy could be with a clear mind because to do what he recently admitted to and perform on the golf course like he did with a full mind is incredible!

Last night I took to the streets for my run and everything is still good, a little sore from running on the streets but I am hoping for snow melt so I can get back to the trail. My PF is not too bad, I have been using the foam roller with some success.

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  1. I agree completely. I think I blogged this, but one day I was doing the Parkway, really feeling lousy and wanting to stop. I was thinking I was running about an 11 pace. Looked at the Garmin and I was running a relative for me fast 9:30 pace. That alone made me feel better and stronger, instantly. Incredible how much influence the mind has on the body.