Saturday, February 27, 2010

Out with the old-in with the new.

In about an hour or so I am going to sell my old truck, I am happy I found someone to buy it but I am sad when I think of all the time I spent driving it, working with it, using it for Boy Scouts, driving my children places and doing home improvement with it since 1992.
I already picked up my new 2010 Accent in Yellow Mello earlier this week, I think this will be better for commuting and general running around but I know the first time I want to haul something I am going to wish I had the truck. But, I thought about that and calculated the savings in buying this car instead of another truck and the lower gasoline cost with the car, I could rent a truck at least four or five times a year. I really do not need a truck that many times in a year so I bought the car.
The running schedule is still on track, more snow on the road so I am still running on the street, however I am using the foam roller and this appears to help with muscle soreness. If the transfer of the truck goes well, I intend to make it to the runners seminar at coordinated health today, if I do I will write about it later this weekend.

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