Saturday, February 20, 2010

Six miles.

Today's schedule called for six miles. This is the longest I have run this distance in over a year so I was anxious to see how I would do. I am still on the run 3 minutes-walk 2 minutes interval which seems to be almost too easy but this is the program I decided on so I am staying with it. I am also trying to cut down on coffee before running so I had some tea before the run, abstaining from coffee. The run went well with only a little stiffness in my right ankle, seems like the plantar fasciitis has spread or moved to my ankle which may be an indication of a different problem. So I used the foam roller on my lower legs, hamstrings and ankle and icing afterwards with good results.

I am at 55 push-ups and 63 sit-ups along with Tai Chi and Yoga on my non running days. Overall things are going according to plan for the half marathon.


  1. Sit ups *and* Tai Chi? Ever noticed how all the taichi masters have pot bellies?

  2. Yes, well some of them do. I think it may be because Tai Chi is an exercise many older people that were never really active or athletic can do. The benefits to an older, inactive person that takes up Tai Chi are enormous. Once you learn TC and practice it regularly you find it is a valuable addition to your routine. I plan on writing more on TC after I run the half marathon in April.

  3. Nice job on that run. I give you credit for sticking to the plan despite feeling it's too easy. I can't do that, I'm currently struggling with my current training plan. I always end up "winging it" at some point.

    I have found that pushups and situps help a lot for my core muscles.

    I can't possibly give up my coffee, though.