Sunday, April 4, 2010

Calf pull

I was just about a mile from completing my 10.6 mile long run yesterday and I felt a little pain in my left calf. Since I usually experience some pain during a run that works it's way out after I relax that area and it was not getting any worse, I continued on. Well, I was just about to stop running and start the walk interval and I experienced a sharp pain in my calf so I slowed down and walked home. I was on a 10 minute pace but ended up doing 11.10/mile for the entire run. I am icing the injury for a few days and then see what happens, my next day of running would be Tuesday so I will see how I am then before proceeding. With three weeks to go before the half marathon I realize there is not allot of time to heal and I also realize re injuring the muscle is probably worse than abstaining from running a week or two.

I am disappointed but not discouraged. This is just a little setback, I have made much progress toward better fitness; lost weight, increased my endurance and have improved my diet. I have been running further distance during my training than I have for over 35 years and I have worked through a few injuries. In closing, after my run yesterday we went to my Mother's house for a visit (we are the primary caretaker's for both our mother's) and as I was stopped for a traffic light a disabled man hobbled across the intersection. I could see the man hurry to beat the light, his head constantly looking around for a car about to run him down, his ability to sprint out of the way not much of an option; yes, I could be much worse off.

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