Friday, December 14, 2012

Knee pain is gone



The outer knee pain I have been battling since the Via half marathon in September seems to have left me.  I think this is due to the strength training I have been doing the last month or so.  I started out doing the Iron Strength program but that was too much for me at this point so I modified it with some exercises using resistance bands I bought at Dick’s. 


On Monday I had an easy 3 mile run scheduled and the weather was so nice I added a few miles.  Around mile 4 I noticed a little pain in my outer right calf muscle; it didn’t feel like a pull so I cautiously kept running doing around 4 miles.  I stretched and it felt fine but when I got home I could feel a little niggle so I did not run the next day as planned but I did walk with no pain.  Yesterday I skipped my regular Thursday night group run and since I was off from work I decided to run in the afternoon when it was warmer.  I started out with a progressively faster walk and then ran one minute/walked one minute for 2.65 miles with no problems so I am going to run tomorrow with the group from the runner’s club and hope for the best.

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