Friday, May 25, 2012

Weight loss.

Now that my wife and I are empty nestor's and I have been running regularly again for a few years I have decided to get back to my old training and diet.  Since the end of February (22nd actually), I have been watching my diet by trying to stay under 2500 calories a day and I went from running 3 days a week to four.  I weighed 202 pounds on 2/22/12 and today I weigh 182, so I have been able to lose 20 pounds.  Now I weighed about 165 back in 1975 when I ran the Bethlehem City Festival at a 5:47/mile pace, I don't think I can get back to that level but I can already feel an improvement.  I will try to write on a more regular schedule here and in my next installment I will describe the details of my program.

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