Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weight loss-the program

When I set out to lose 20 pounds I knew I needed a plan.  Here it is; eat less than you burn up.  That’s it, we all know it, and it’s easy.  First, I went online to find out my Basic Metabolic Rate .  For me to weigh 182 pounds I could eat 1713 calories and not gain weight.  This is what my body needs to exist without getting out of bed all day.  So now I had to figure out how many calories I could eat while living the lifestyle I enjoy so I went here  to the Harris Benedict Formula.  I determined that I lead an active lifestyle but wanted a little cushion so I selected a moderately active lifestyle and that gives me a formula like this  BMRx1.55=Daily Total calories or 1713x1.55=2655.  2655 is what I need to stay at 182 pounds.  Now knowing how I love to eat I thought I would err and just say 2500 calories per day while continuing my running, biking, walking etc. program should help me lose 20 pounds.  I started the first day by writing down everything I ate and measuring everything so I really knew how many calories I was eating.  The first week I lost one pound, then the next week 2 pounds.  During the next few weeks I lost a pound or two or stayed the same, I never gained any weight. 

Next time-why this worked for me and why it helped me eat better.

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