Thursday, September 8, 2011

Running in the rain.

I took a day off today for some family business so after it was done I decided to go for a run down to the Lehigh Parkway.  When I came to the Lehigh Parkway North bridge I could not get on the path because it was under water so I continued on to 15th St. and entered the Parkway there.  Lots of trees down in addition to the ones from last week that the crews were not able to get to yet.  I had to run on the road and even climb over a tree that had fallen accross it at one point.  In all the years I have been running, walking and bicycling in the parkway I think the last two weeks have had the most damage I have seen in a long time. 

Down at the Rose garden I took this picture at the bridge over Jorden creek, a large tree fell and has blocked the view of the creek.


  1. Probably flooding again tonight, with more on the way. This weather has been cutting into my running, not that I should let it.

  2. This weather has made the running a little tough. I ran during part of the storm and other than wondering if a tree was going to fall on me it was sort of refreshing, makes you appreciate nice weather when (if) we see it again.