Friday, September 23, 2011

The doctor tells me I drink too much coffee.

I recently went in for my annual checkup and nothing wrong other than my doctor left the practice, can’t compete for a year so I had to see her replacement, Dr. Jekyll.  This guy and I will not meet again. He told me I am too fat, OK, I could lose a few pounds, my resting heart rate is too high (68?) and that I drink too much coffee, I knew that the caffeine issue was coming and he is on the mark with that one. So while I was having a Grande over at Starbucks, I did a little research. I had been way over the recommended intake so I have switched to decaff at home, one 16 oz regular at work and one cup of regular green tea per day. No withdrawal symptoms although I do look forward to getting in to work and having the regular coffee. It is too early to tell but I think my heart rate is a little lower on my runs so this may help my running. OK, I am off stalking my old doctor on the Internet to see where she ends up so I don't have to go 19th century medicine again.



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  1. I get told the same regarding coffee. I've read so much conflicting information that I no longer care. I'm probably good for about 32 ounces a day. So be it.