Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Seen on my walk this week.

I try to walk, run or bicycle at least an hour every day.  One of the things that I find help to keep me interested is doing this activity in a local park that is located in my neighborhood where I see sights like this deer below.


To keep your motivation in the right place you need to be excited to exercise.  After a long day at work I look forward to seeing the deer, turkey, foxes and other wildlife during my walk or run.

Today I went running, at 6:AM, it was dark and foggy.  I could not take any pictures but I did see deer in several places, they looked like ghosts in the fogy mist of early light.  I also saw some turkeys still roosting in the tree tops.  It was jut getting light when I returned home after my 5 mile run around 7:00 AM, the time I usually start work; it's nice being on vacation :)

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