Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Iron Strength workout

Yesterday was a non-running, strength training day. Since I had taken off from work I had time to walk with JoAnne before she went to work, then I took my car in for some work (had to leave the car until Wednesday ) and returned home. Iron Strength workouts start with foam rolling (sometimes I use The Stick), a warm-up and then two sets of the actual workout.

The weather was fine so I decided to use the bicycle for the warm-up. First I used my foam roller for about five minutes or so and then I rode the bike on my favorite run, the private lane, which takes about twenty minutes. Then I changed to my indoor exercise clothing and did the first IS workout from the book. I am only doing five to ten reps and only one set until I become adjusted to the program-I'm such a wimp! After I complete one set I do my twenty minute yoga routine and I'm done; about one hour and twenty minutes. I am hoping this workout gives me more muscle balance and reduces injuries and maybe even help me run faster.

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