Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bike Lanes in Allentown PA

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The discussion brings up the controversy between dedicated bike lanes and sharrows or shared lanes where autos and bikes use the same lane but there are signs making the auto drivers aware that bikes have a right to the road.  When you are in a dedicated bike lane you must stay close to parked cars and you could become a "door" victim; a person in a parked car opens their door just as you pass on your bicycle and you get thrown into the traffic lane.  I have come close to this many times but I am aware of it so I look for people in cars and watch them closely.  In share lanes there are signs that make car drivers aware that bikes have a right to ride in the lane-in the center of the street-but the bicycle is not kept apart from the car by a painted line.  I think the bottom line is this; either way will promote more bike riding and this will automatically make people driving cars aware of bikes and this will create a safer atmosphere for bicycling.  However, bike riders will still have to be defensive, alert to their surroundings and obey the law.

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