Saturday, March 6, 2010

7 miles

Hit the streets for an out and back 7 miler. I averaged a little under 11 minutes/mile and I felt good. I ran for four minutes and then walked two minutes for the entire run. I feel like I can reduce the walk to one minute but I am sticking with the plan which does not call for the one minute walk for a few weeks yet. I also took some Gatorade along and started taking a drink every time I walked from the half point on so I can get used to drinking, I will take along an energy bar in a week or two so I can see how the eating goes. I did not eat anything before running and I did not feel hungry but in a week or two I will have to think about eating before also. All in all a good run and right on schedule. I hope in a few days the Parkway is dry enough to run on, I do not like the streets!


  1. Joey eats a good energy bar and said it works well. I will ask him about it.

  2. Great job! Also good time for including walks. The run segments must be at a pretty good clip.