Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cross training during the heatwave.

It seams like we have been getting a lot of heat waves this summer which has me running even less than during a normal summer. I prefer to run in the cooler/colder months and usually ride my bike and walk more during the summer months. A few weeks after I ran a 13.1 marathon I was feeling good on a 4 mile run, my heart rate was on the low side of zone 3, I was cruising along at a 9 minute pace so I thought why not crank it up a bit. I gradually increased my pace until I was just below a 7 minute mile and all of a sudden my abdomen felt like someone stabbed me with ice pick (not that I know what that feels like). Anyway, you know what I mean. I immediately stopped and walked which made the pain go away. Good, it was just a side sticker I told myself, always being in denial about injuries, and proceeded to start running again. Well to make a long story short, it did not go away. So I walked/jogged to the end of my scheduled run (no wimping out) and went straight to Dr. Internet and diagnosed my pain as either an abdominal strain or a sports hernia. Next day, it hurt while I stretched in bed-not a good sign, but I soldiered on, went to work and went for a walk after returning home in the evening. I could not feel or see a bulge so I thought I would wait until my annual physical in a few weeks and see what a real doctor said. Real doctor; "I can't feel anything, stop running, and let's wait and see what happens in the next few weeks". That was mid June, over the last month I could see progress, a little less pain when I ran (no, I did not stop running), stretched, etc. It also felt more like a recovering strain (I have lots of experience healing from muscle strains), and I even refrained from a few of the local races I had my eye on. Last Saturday I ran over 5 miles and all I could feel was a little discomfort but no pain so I think I missed the bullet this time and will be OK. I did learn something or was reminded that walking and bicycling are great ways to keep in shape and since they increase your circulation they help you heal faster.

My mileage totals so far for 2011;
Running 334
Walking 203
Bike 231

for a total of 768 miles.

Next post I am gong to write about my exercise program I am designing to help me stay in shape and minimize injuries.

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  1. Glad you worked out the side pain. This heat is absurd, cross training is sounding like a good idea.